eyam i – v

eyam navigates the turbulent and anarchic territories of contrabass wind instruments. Instigated in 2009, this research involves building sonic structures and language from the visual and acoustic architectures of these large instruments, animating the peculiarity of their rich spectrums and orchestrating such qualities into vibrant sonic sculptures through a variety of acoustic, orchestral and electronic set ups. The following pieces are currently in preparation:


eyam i (it takes an ocean not to)

solo B flat clarinet

For Carol McGonnell – premiered



eyam ii (taking apart your universe)

solo contrabass clarinet and large ensemble

cbcl, [sop.sax], [tpt, waterphone], [vln, bfl, vc], [e.gt], [bsn, db, pf]

For Carol McGonnell and The Argento Chamber Ensemble, New York –  premiere in October, 2016

Commissioned by The Arts Council of Ireland




eyam iii (if it’s living somewhere outside of you)

solo bass flute

For Richard Craig – premiered



eyam iv (Pluto’s farthest moons)

solo contrabass flute, ensemble, and electronics

cbfl, [vla, vc], [perc], [gt], [ob], [bcl], [tba, db], and electronics

Richard Craig and The Experimental Ensemble – premiered

Research Residency at The EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO Freiburg des SWR

2013 – 2014



eyam v (woven)

contrabass clarinet and contrabass flute with orchestra

For Carol McGonnell, Richard Craig, and The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland

Commissioned by RTÉ Performing Groups – upcoming premiere in the 2017 season,

Ireland, February 2017




for clarinet and string trio,

ensemble recherche,

Harvard, May 2016



93 million miles away

for piano trio,

The Fidelio Trio,

Winter Chamber Music Festival, Belvedere House,

Dublin, December 2016



surface station #1: in the upper atmosphere

for extended solo horn,

Samuel Stoll,

Gare du Nord’s Concert Series “Dialog”, Basel,

Switzerland, January 2017



new work

for bass recorder, electric lapsteel, percussion, and double bass,


Australia, 2017



new work

for cello and organ, 

Poul Skjølstrup Larsen and Christina Meißner,

Denmark, 2017



new work

for extended double bell trumpet, 

Callum G’Froerer,

Berlin/Australia, 2017



new work

for chamber ensemble,

Crash Ensemble,

20th Birthday Celebration, Arts Council of Ireland Commission,

Ireland, 2017



new work

trombone and vocal ensemble,

for William Lang and Ekmeles,

Ernst von Siemens Commission,

New York, 2017



new cycle of works/multi-layered theatre

for brass instruments and electronic sculptures in extended concert/theatre environments,

for Callum G’Froerer, Max Murray, Weston Olencki, and Samuel Stoll,

Developed with funds from The Arts Council of Ireland’s Music Bursary Award,

Ireland/Germany/Australia/USA, 2017-2021