for violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, and electric bass guitar,

Crash Ensemble,

20th Birthday Celebration, Arts Council of Ireland Commission,

Ireland, Summer 2017



new work

for extended double bell trumpet, 

Callum G’Froerer,

Initiative Neue Musik Berlin & Australian Arts Council Commission,

Berlin/Australia, Autumn 2017



new work

for trombone and vocal ensemble,

William Lang and Ekmeles,

Ernst von Siemens Commission,

New York, December 2017



new work

for soprano and bassoon duo with strings,

Alice Teyssier, Rebekah Heller, and The International Contemporary Ensemble,

Miller Theatre and ICE Co-Commission,

Miller Theatre Composer Portrait,

New York, March 2018



new work

for solo piano,

Dublin International Piano Competition,

DIPC/Lyric FM Commission,

Ireland, 2018



new work

for bass recorder, electric lapsteel, percussion, and double bass,


Australia, 2018



new work

for solo violin and chamber ensemble,

Marco Fusi and Caput Ensemble,

Skálholt Summer Festival,

Iceland, 2018



new work

for cello and organ, 

Poul Skjølstrup Larsen and Christina Meißner,

Denmark, 2018



new work

for chamber orchestra, 

Ensemblekollektiv Berlin,

Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik,

Germany, 2019



new cycle of works/multi-layered theatre

for brass instruments and electronic sculptures in extended concert/theatre environments,

for Callum G’Froerer, Max Murray, Weston Olencki, and Samuel Stoll,

Developed with funds from The Arts Council of Ireland’s Music Bursary Award,

Ireland/Germany/Australia/USA, 2017-2021