A unit of wrest

For wired and metallic sculpture and electronics

A unit of wrest presents a percussive sculpture made of wire and metal. This “sculpture” comprises two detuned sitars and three isolated gamelan keys, taken from the various metallophones of the gamelan orchestra.

Therefore, the piece primarily uses two sets of sonic materials: strings and metal. These two materials wrest between a fused and fluid state. As the metal keys become looser, the strings attempt to fuse with them, the metal acting as a magnetic force that attracts the strings, each striving for either separation or fusion in various parts of the piece.

Striking the unit/sculpture allows one to peer inside a unit of wrest: a sonic world of unruly, usurping, and distorted behaviour, tangled coils and shards of material from the metallic/string fusion, sonic threads that hang from various loudspeakers, dazed, woozy, inebriated motions, and all kinds of strange vibrations.

A unit of wrest is dedicated to my good friend, Ashley Fure.


Listen to an excerpt: