mire |…| veins

For Brass Quintet

mire|…|veins comprises three separated chamber groups that unknowingly amount to a ball of raucously unfolding momentums.

In the first chamber group, the trumpets present a fragile and continually flowing texture, like slowly following the winding path of a small cluster of veins. A complicated lower world, the second chamber of the trombone and tuba sonically resemble a viscose liquid, made of identifiable chunks but amounting to a glutinous and unbreakable substance.

In contrast to the other chamber groups, the French Horn acts as an agent of communication and connection. It can blend into the activity of either group, transmitting and translating information and building a network between the insularity of both places, breathing new air into the stubborn impermeability of the two chamber groups.


Listen to the piece, performed by Ensemble Apparat: 


Look at an excerpt and purchase the score from PSNY: https://www.eamdc.com/psny/composers/ann-cleare/works/mireveins/