93 million miles away

For violin, cello, and piano

NASA estimates the Sun to be 93 million miles away from Earth. Any search engine will provide countless conspiracy theories on how this information could be false and why. In terms of my piece, the title, 93 million miles away, acts as a metaphor for two blocks of material that I juxtapose, two distant places. These distant places become like inverted realities, each driven by a search for suspension. The question of distance permeates on many levels, just as it does in theories on the Earth’s distance from the Sun: within blocks, the distance to suspension seems within touching grasp yet so difficult to reach, and between blocks, the sense of distance grows ever closer yet still so far. Always so infinitely close, and so infinitely far.

The piece was commissioned by The Fidelio Trio with funds from The Arts Council of Ireland. World Premiere on Sunday 4th December, 2016 at The Fidelio Trio Winter Chamber Music Festival, Belvedere House, Dublin City University.


Watch a video of the piece, performed by The Fidelio Trio, recorded by The Contemporary Music of Ireland:

Look at an excerpt from the score: 93_miles_web_excerpt

Listen to the piece performed by Longleash Trio: 

Watch an interview about the piece, recorded by The Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland: