One Here Now: A Sonic Theatre

for voices, percussion, and electronics 

Immersing the main gallery of Cobh’s Sirius Arts Centre, in the very south of Ireland, Brian O’Doherty’s One Here Now presents a fugue of nine wall paintings, connected by lines, symbols, and colours. Created in response to this newly-restored space, Ann Cleare’s site-specific work, A Sonic Theatre, takes the audience on a sonic journey around this colourful labyrinth, exploring its complex layers and translating them into a theatre of sound and motion. 

More about the wall paintings at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Ireland here

Watch a video with extracts from the work:

Performed by Tonnta Music: Robbie Blake, Emma Nash, Alex Petcu-Colan, Michelle O’Rourke, electronics by Ann Cleare, lighting by Hanon Sheedy, video produced by Jonathan Sammon

A Sirius Arts Centre Commission, created in collaboration with Tonnta Music